ART’ITECTURE Collection (2018)
“This collection was made when i was part of the African mosaique fashion incubator program while also being a senior student in Addis Abeba university studying construction technology and management.”

ART’ITECTURE collection was inspired by kunjina’s experience of the two worlds she lived as an Engineering student and someone who is trying to pursue her passion. Being able to juggle the two worlds to accomplish what she wants has made kunjina appreciate the challenges she went through because it has made her strong and determined to always go for what she wants despite the obstacles.

The collection shows the collaboration of what she has learned from her construction technology courses and by taking Some Architectural drawing details, kunjina hand painted them on the garments to Narrate the story of the inspiration.

RESILIENCE Collection (2019)
“This collection was inspired by a book I was reading about a man who always seeks for the next challenge in his life. And while reading his story, I saw myself in him because I know how dull my life feels if I’m not progressing to a new project that demands more experimenting.”

If we have a mindset that always wishes to upscale and do things better than yesterday, the challenges will also upgrade to test us to our limits. Resilience collection was inspired by modern day warriors that keep on fighting challenges after challenges fearlessly to achieve their goals. Challenges and accomplishments are always gonna be part of their cycle and in a way tackling these obstacles is the ingredient which makes them feel alive! I am sure most of us have already met these types of people and envy their strength or we have read about them somewhere and got inspired or maybe luckily we’re one of them. This collection is about being always ready: ready to fail, ready to be broken, ready to rise and conquer and most importantly ready to move on to the next chapter. ARE YOU READY?