KUNJINA is a ready-to-wear brand that mainly caters to women within the age range of 25-40. Established in 2017, KUNJINA is inspired by concepts that arise from the designer's personal experience.
" When the work comes from a personal place, it portrays a true feeling therefore the output becomes Authentic." Says kunjina, founder and creative director of KUNJINA.

   What makes KUNJINA unique is the crafted details and elements used on the garments to Narrate the inspiration of each collection. These crafted details include techniques like painting on fabrics, embroidery and fabric manipulation. Since the designer’s background is in Engineering, the clothes have more of a structured form which is one of the characters that defines the brand's aesthetics.
   Each Year KUNJINA produces one main collection that takes at least six months to develop and one other ready-to-wear collection that is more commercial. The brand uses mainly locally produced fabrics to create cutting edge pieces that make a statement. The brand works with local weavers from different part of the country to source beautiful 100%cotton hand-woven fabrics. KUNJINA strongly believes in collaboration with like minded people to bring a fresh perspective in the Ethiopian fashion industry. The brand also strongly believes in supporting the local economy by creating job opportunities for people and giving back to the community. Currently, the company has one physical store located at Century mall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

   As we are part of the fashion revolution Ethiopia team, we are aware of the impacts the fashion industry makes on the environment and people that works under it. Therefore, we are conscious of the materials we use, how we pay our workers and how we manage our textile waste. We are not driven by trends and seasons when we make our collection, rather we work on our pace to make timeless pieces that tell a story. We are also keen on informing our customers and local upcoming designers about the impacts of the fashion industry and how we can make a change by focusing on transparency and accountability across the value chain.


   Kunjina was one of the lucky ones who discovered her passion at a very young age. On weekends, she and her sister used to do fashion shows for the family wearing their mother’s clothes which were extra-large for them at the time. When she turned 14 years old she started sketching female figures and creatively dressing them using lots of shapes and structures; which made the clothes look more like art pieces than something wearable.

   Even though her passion lies somewhere else, kunjina joined Addis Ababa University to study construction technology and management because her parents wanted her to have a 'plan B'. while she was a fourth year student in college, Kunjina took a course in fashion designing and established her brand afterwards.

  In 2019, kunjina collaborated with other two Ethiopian designers to open up a shop and she has been working full time on her brand ever since. Kunjina's aim as a designer is to use fashion as a medium of sharing her experiences and her creativity to the world. While working on her passion, she wants to support the local economy by creating job opportunities for people. And as an advocate for art, she aspires to become someone that can inspire new generations of Africa. Also, to prove to them that it is possible to follow one's dream, pave their own way and become successful!